Orphanage Nightmares

«Mary had a lamb
His eyes black as coals
If we play very quiet, my lamb
Mary never has to know…»

– Evanescence «Lose Control»

It’s the early 1930s England, a few years before the Second World War broke out. A teenage girl named Jennifer is forced to work for the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club: an unruly, cruel society formed by the children of the Rose Garden Orphanage. Children are creepy. Very creepy indeed.

Rule of Rose is a survival horror game for PlayStation 2 published in 2006.
It uses psychological horror elements throughout its distorted storyline and timeline, and uses, as in Haunting Ground, a canine companion for the main character.
Guys, the enemies. They’re just… plain WEIRD. At some point, you are actually fighting an Imp Chicken. What’s not to love here?

The trailer released for E3 is simply stunning.
I know it’s a little bit long at 6 and a half minutes, but I promise you, it’s really good.

Rule of Rose raised controversy in Poland, where the Ministry of Education raised questions concerning its appropriateness for minors (the game was rated 16+) because of the themes of child violence and sexuality. In the US it was said to involve “erotic undertones involving a cast of female minors”.
Due to this controversy, it was not released in the UK, only in Japan, US and Europe.

I hope they will re-release it one day (preferably on Xbox 360, heh…) where they will have more time and a bigger budget to work on the combat-system that was left a little rough, and much criticized.

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

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