Welcome (back) to Silent Hill

Hello guys! Long time no see.

As some of you may know (or not), Silent Hill is getting a sequel.
Well, that’s not all.
It’s gonna be in… *drum roll* 3D! Gasp!
(You may have known that too… Sorry, I’m just showing my excitement here.)
The very fitting name for the new movie; «Silent Hill: Revelation 3D«.

Here’s a quick description of the plot from imdb:
«Heather Mason and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand, Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever
It’s due to be released sometime in 2011.

Hoping for a ton of new, epic monsters and of course some quality screen time with our beloved Pyramid Head

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Just wanted to spread some good news with this little post.
Look at it as my way of wishing you a good weekend.

> Are YOU excited about the Silent Hill franchise?


Yakuzas, young girls and bloodshed

I recently remembered this animator that caught my eye some years ago, and figured I’d tell you a little bit about him (although there’s not much to find out there on the world wide web… Mysterious guy.)
Anyways, Kazuto Nakazawa is a 43 year old Japanese character-designer and director of numerous anime series and video games.
His directorial work includes “Parasite Dolls”, the anime sequence in “Kill Bill volume 1”, and various shorts like “Hairy Tale” (watch it all, you’ll be surprised for what it was used for) and “Comedy”.
In addition to his work with anime, he designed the characters of “Tales of Legendia and was the animation director of “Devil Kings”.

Tales of Legendia

Throughout his career, he’s worked as an animator, providing key animations to anime such as “The Animatrix”’s «Kid’s Story» and «A Detective Story».
He also animated the music video for the Linkin Park song «Breaking the Habit» as well as the two first opening sequences for one of my favorite animes, “Blood +”.

WARNING: Some violence, fighting scenes and epic spurts of blood is followed below, heheh…

I first noticed his work from Kill Bill and Animatrix, and I was impressed by his unique, sketchy, shaky style. I think his animated sequence in Kill Bill must be my favorite part of the movie (and of his work) and no matter how many times I see it, I’m still amazed.
I absolutely LOVE it.

> What’s YOUR favorite anime?
> Did you like Nakazawa’s work?

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Anti-christ Pokémon

Did you know that Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam was targeted by conservative Christian groups as representing anti-Christian aspects of the franchise?

Oh yeah. A pastor from Palm Beach, Florida refered to the symbols on their head as “a pentagram” and claimed the symbol on their chests were representing Nazi Germany’s SS-symbol.  (And while we’re at it, I noticed something weird researching this case. Check out the Kiss logo.)
Also, an Israeli “psychic”-magician, Uri Gellar, who claimed to bend spoons with his mind, sued Nintendo saying Kadabra’s Japanese name was an “unauthorized appropriation of his identity”.
Geller sued for 100 million dollars, but lost.
Sucks for him, I guess.

The madness doesn’t stop here, people.
The Pokémon Jynx was claimed to be a negative racial stereotype of African-Americans.
Jynx design was then changed from being originally black, to purple. They also had to recolor Jynx as dark gray rather than black in the manga.
But racism is not all, several animal groups have tried to ban Pokémon, saying it resembles cockfights, and is promoting animal cruelty. *sigh*
In Saudi Arabia in 2001, they banned the Pokémon franchise, claiming it encouraged gambling and promoted Zionism. Some other outspoken, fundamentalist Muslims claimed that Pokémon was a Jewish conspiracy that was intended to brainwash Muslim children to make them renounce their faith. These same groups claimed that the word «Pokémon» is a phrase that means «I am Jewish«.
And of course, the “Evolution vs. Creationism” conflict was also commonly brought up.

> What’s your view on this? Do you agree with any of the statements?

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екпицит садржај

Controversy, oh, how you never cease to fascinate me.
For as long as I can remember, controversial “stuff” have always caught my attention.
It can be anything really, but as long as it says “Explicit content, not for the faint of heart” I’m pretty much sold.
So why do I like these kind of things?
I think it’s because I’m always looking for something new that can awake emotions within me. Recently I watched a Serbian film called… well, “A Serbian Film (Srpski film)”, and my oh my was I shocked.

It’s the first feature film directed by Srđan Spasojević (quite a bold move, If you ask me) and the film was released to great controversy in terms of its graphic and often sexually explicit violence. It is also said it had to suffered nearly 4 minutes of cuts to gain an 18 certificate. We are looking forward to the uncut version…
Tim Anderson of the horror review site «Bloody Disgusting» likened the movie to “having his soul raped” and dissuaded anyone reading his review from ever seeing it, writing: “If what I have written here is enough to turn your feelings of wonder into a burning desire to watch this monstrosity, then perhaps I haven’t been clear enough. You don’t want to see Serbian Film. You just think you do.
Srđan Spasojević responded to the controversy with: “This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government… It’s about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don’t want to do. You have to feel the violence to know what it’s about.

It’s been a long time since a movie made me gasp in disbelief, but this one sure did the job.
(I actually had to watch some brain-dead MTV-show afterwards to clear up my mind before sleeping, and trust me, I’M NOT EASILY STARTLED.)
Now you’re probably thinking I despised this movie. Wrong, I loved it.
As soon as it comes out, I’m going to buy it (and make some poor souls watch it with me again, heheh…)
Oh, and the theme-song is awesome.

If it was up to me, I would show you tons of clips from my collection of sickness, but since I can’t tell who will read this blog, I won’t. I can imagine it wouldn’t be received well with my teachers, with this being a school-blog and all.
For all I know you may be a 13 year old boy looking for something illegal to watch. I don’t want your mom finding out and giving me a hard time, you know…

(I’ll still show you the trailer, though. Shh, don’t tell her.)

There, you’ve been warned.

> What is the sickest movie YOU ever saw?
> What is your view on these kinds of film?

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