Yakuzas, young girls and bloodshed

I recently remembered this animator that caught my eye some years ago, and figured I’d tell you a little bit about him (although there’s not much to find out there on the world wide web… Mysterious guy.)
Anyways, Kazuto Nakazawa is a 43 year old Japanese character-designer and director of numerous anime series and video games.
His directorial work includes “Parasite Dolls”, the anime sequence in “Kill Bill volume 1”, and various shorts like “Hairy Tale” (watch it all, you’ll be surprised for what it was used for) and “Comedy”.
In addition to his work with anime, he designed the characters of “Tales of Legendia and was the animation director of “Devil Kings”.

Tales of Legendia

Throughout his career, he’s worked as an animator, providing key animations to anime such as “The Animatrix”’s «Kid’s Story» and «A Detective Story».
He also animated the music video for the Linkin Park song «Breaking the Habit» as well as the two first opening sequences for one of my favorite animes, “Blood +”.

WARNING: Some violence, fighting scenes and epic spurts of blood is followed below, heheh…

I first noticed his work from Kill Bill and Animatrix, and I was impressed by his unique, sketchy, shaky style. I think his animated sequence in Kill Bill must be my favorite part of the movie (and of his work) and no matter how many times I see it, I’m still amazed.
I absolutely LOVE it.

> What’s YOUR favorite anime?
> Did you like Nakazawa’s work?

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