Bioshock, pure brilliance

Today, I finally finished Bioshock. It’s been a long time since I first started playing it, and frankly, I adored it. To me, it’s an great example on how far the game-industry has developed from simple two-button games with almost no plot at all, to this epic story. Many will fume over my love for this game, but there’s just so many things that grasp my fascination, from the fantastic scenery, creative characters, and freaky children to the small, pessimistic fortune telling-machines that come up with fortunes like: “Look at the bright side: maybe it’ll be quick and painless.”

Medical Pavilion, the hub for all medical business, was responsible for treating all illnesses and health-related problems in Rapture.

Fort Frolic, featuring art, music, night-clubs and shopping.

Cohen shows the art of music

Many may think that there hasn’t been taken much thought in videogames, the way things look, sound like and how characters act, speak and even move. This is actually carefully developed by hundreds, maybe thousands of people, all specially educated in the new and growing artform that is videogames.
For instance, if you look at the buildings and interior design of Rapture, you will immediately see the heavy influence of Art Deco, a style that rose in the early 20th century and that is seen as elegant, classy and modern. Rapture is a post-World War II world said to have been made in the 1940 – 1950’s. Already here you can see that they have used the designstyle that is up to date with the world you are playing in, as well as a stunning soundtrack featuring Bobby Darin’s beautiful “Beyond the Sea” amongst other classics from the 30’s throughout the late 50’s. I strongly suggest you take a look at the Bioshock’s wiki page to gain more insight to how much work and story that was put into this game, it’s amazing, really.

Old poster in the Medical Pavilion

Spider Splicer

Houdini Splicer

The whole concept of creating a world out of your own imagination is really something I could see myself working with and making a living out of. However, I know it’s a though market out there, and I have great doubts that I will ever succeed out there with the masters of videogames. But we are all allowed to dream, aren’t we?

> What do YOU think of Bioshock and the art of videogames?

Bioshock wiki
Wikipedia, ArtDeco


6 kommentarer

  1. I have to agree, Bioshock was (and still is) a beautiful game. And the art deco style.. Simply brilliant ^^
    But have you checked out Bioshock Infinite yet? Its set to a slightly different era, and the art focus is slightly different. Its actually got a bit of a steampunk feel too ^^. You really ought to check it out.

    Also, I’m writing about similiar stuff, except from a more general viewpoint and focusing more on games design at the moment, in my blog, pop by and leave me comment will ya? ^^

  2. Hei
    Her var det jammen et tøfft design. Kule bilder og farger. Er ikke helt inni spillverdenen, merker jeg, men i hvertfall så kan jeg være med på å øke treff-statistikken din bitte litt.
    Lurer på hvorfor du skriver på engelsk? il du ha et internasjonalt publikum, kanskje? Ja, ja. Dette er bare en liten kommentar fra meg. Skal følge med deg videre:_)

    • Skriver på engelsk grunnet at jeg kommer til å ha lesere fra andre land ved å linke opp mot dailybooth og andre internasjonale sider.
      Takk for kommentaren!

  3. I looove BioShock as well! As you know. But I still think it’s a bit scary to play. As you know. :’D But yes, the story, consept, design and everything is just pure brilliant!
    And is it going to be made into a movie? What do you guys think about that? I’m actually a bit sceptic. But if they get it right it can be awesome!

    • It IS scary to play alone, haha!
      Yes, the movie… Frankly, I think it’s going to either SUCK IMMENSELY or RULE EPICLY.
      Hoping for th last one of course. They can’t ruin this awesome consept!!

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